Church of God in Eastern Canada

 Donations to The General Assembly of the Church of God in Eastern Canada

 (Charitable Reg. # 11928 0535 RR 0001)

 Thank you for your desire to partner with and support the ministry of The General Assembly of the Church of God in Eastern Canada, especially during these unprecedented times. Your gift opens doors and supports the ongoing ministry that we are engaged with in Eastern Canada.
 Through various contacts and relationships and by virtue of our Christian posture, we are often made aware of opportunities to serve those in need, particularly during crises. Your gift makes our responsiveness to those needs possible and touches the lives of women, children and men in many differing circumstances.

 Imagine what it would be like, possibly after prolonged periods of confusion, fear, doubt and uncertainty to wake up one morning with hope and a confidence. This is some of what your gift makes possible.

 Thank you.

 *All Canadian donors, with donations made to the Church of God in Eastern Canada in compliance with Canadian Law and the Canadian Revenue Agency, are eligible for a Canadian charitable tax receipt under our registration number.

Paypay charges us a flat rate of $.30 per transaction plus 1.6% of the total donation amount. Your receipt will be for the full amount of your donation. Thank you.

 Please review our regional Stewardship Policy for donations.

 Stewardship Policy - Funds designated for an approved and specified project, ministry or program will be used for that project,   ministry or program. However, when any such project, ministry or program need has been adequately met, or where such   project,  ministry or program cannot reasonably be carried out in a timely manner, the donor agrees that such designated funds may be used as and where needed by The General Assembly of the Church of God in Eastern Canada.