Who We Are

The Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) in Eastern Canada is a fellowship of likeminded churches, established with a common DNA and focus – sharing the love of God and the Truth of His work through Jesus Christ to restore our relationship with Him.

Our churches are currently located in a variety of areas within Ontario, with the goal and vision to continue to grow and expand across the Eastern region of Canada. Our sister fellowship is headquartered in Alberta and working to faithfully serve and share the Gospel in Western Canada.

If you would like to learn more, or connect with one of our churches, please fill in a contact form. We look forward to getting to know you.

Our churches are presently in the Toronto and Mississauga area, London, Kitchener, Townsend and Grand Bend. Our desire is to continue to grow and see new churches planted and established across Ontario and the eastern provinces.  

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Welcome to the Church of God in Eastern Canada!


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Regional News and Updates

  • Healing the Heart of our Region

    January 21, 2022

    The General Assembly of the Church of God in Eastern Canada began a process of healing the heart of our region in 2019 - a facilitated time where we examined our 100 + year history over the next two years and sought to hear God's voice to us. We were increasingly aware that we were not where God wanted us to be; that choices and patterns of behaviour in our history were not pleasing to God; and that we had not rightly responded to Him as He tried to call us back to His ways, plans and purposes.

    The result of this process led us to conduct a solemn assembly in November 2021 - a time to address and confess before God and our region - pastors, volunteers, former board and committee members and the members of our congregations the things that God had shown us. During the time, we also entered in to a Corporate Covenant - the expression of our desire and commitment to a changed direction and for accountability before God and our region as we press forward - renewing our priority and emphasis as followers of Jesus and committed to His Word.  You can access the corporate covenant through the resources section under the home tab.

    The time was challenging, but powerful and liberating as years and patterns of going our own way was surrendered to God and a freshness and hope entered the time. Not perfect as individuals or as a group - but God in His mercy and grace seemed pleased to meet with us and continues a process of healing the heart of our region.

    Our hope and prayer is that He will act similarly within all of our churches, and lead us forward with a renewed hope and message of His good news and plan for healing the hearts of all those who humbly come to Him.